Phogtography in the Forest

I planned on taking another hike down to Mystic Beach this weekend and the day started off in the beautiful sunshine. Half an hour later, I had driven through three separate areas of fog, including at my destination, which made me quite happy. I love the atmosphere fog gives to photographs!

black and white photo of rays of light illuminating fog in the rainforest

Sunbeams slice through the fog

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A Hike to Mystic Beach

After a couple weeks of hot weather some clouds rolled in and kept the temperature at a reasonable level for a hike through the woods up and down some very steep inclines, to Mustic beach. The hike down to the beach was around 35 minutes, and for much of it the ground was covered by interwoven tree roots.

roots bw

Interwoven roots carpet the rainforest floor

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Bike Ride To Leechtown

For more than a month I’ve been telling myself that I should get my bike out and go for a ride.  I only picked it up last year, after not having a bicycle for more than a decade.  Today I decided I would actually take it out on a ride and I would take my camera with me to hopefully get some interesting photos.  In order to do this, I drove up to the top parking area at Sooke Potholes Regional Park and then got on my bike to travel along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail.  My destination was a little over 7 km away and was the old site of Leechtown, a one time gold mining town.  Now there is little left, except for some rusting machinery scattered around the bushes and a marker indicating where the site was.  Nonetheless, I wanted to see it for myself and with my camera in my backpack (which seemed to weigh about 10 kg), I set off on my bike for the first time in about 8 months.

Leech town Historical Sign

This Sign Marks The Site Of The Old Gold Mining Town

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A Walk in the Woods

One of the great things about living on southern Vancouver Island is that there are so many fantastic places to go for a walk or hike and its easy to branch off and see something different from the last visit to the area.  This most recent hike, being on Easter Sunday, there were many people out enjoying a sunny day near the Sooke Potholes.  Instead of going to the Sooke River, I branched off on the trail that runs next to Mary Vine Creek.

This trail runs alongside Mary Vine Creek

This trail runs alongside Mary Vine Creek

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