A Hike to Mystic Beach

After a couple weeks of hot weather some clouds rolled in and kept the temperature at a reasonable level for a hike through the woods up and down some very steep inclines, to Mustic beach. The hike down to the beach was around 35 minutes, and for much of it the ground was covered by interwoven tree roots.

roots bw
Interwoven roots carpet the rainforest floor

Down on the beach there were a number of people camping and others wandering with their dogs. At the far end of the beach there was a sheltered area where several large logs had washed up on shore and people had taken to stacking rocks on them, as well as on the cliff wall wherever there was room.

Stacked rocks sit atop driftwood logs
A touch of rock art
Rock the Driftwood
Rock the driftwood 

even the driftwood that wasn’t covered in rocks was interesting, when you took the time to look at it.

Fine lines on wood washed up on the beach
Patterns in driftwood

The hike back up the trail to the parking lot was a little more challenging, but I survived it and was able to get this blog post completed. Now I’m looking forward to the next adventure.

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