Photo Trip to the Fair

Well a lot has been going on lately. After Covid-19 took me out for a couple weeks, I am back on me feet and getting things done. I have started a new website: Sooke Photography Adventures, and have big plans for that. For now the only part that much is happening on is the photo club, where we hold monthly meetings and have photography adventures. Stay tuned for more of what I have planned in the not too distant future!

This weekend was the Luxton Spring Fair, and I arranged for the photo club to attend it and spend the day and evening photographing anything and everything we found interesting. Here’s a sample of what I saw.

A Young Blacksmith
Sparks Fly as the Blacksmith Shapes the Metal
Old Dirty 30 at the Fair

Besides the daytime blacksmith and antiques, there were all the midway rides, which ran late into the evening. These presented great opportunities to have some fun and be creative.

Spinning Rides and Ghostly Figures
The Zipper’s Hypnotic Light Show

As with most every fair there were all sorts of vendors at there and I couldn’t resist a small bag of those little doughnuts. Mmm, they were just as tasty as when I was a kid! I didn’t try any of the other food there, though, as I tend to look at it in a negative light.

Dark Donuts

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