Sooke River Bridge Graffiti

Sooke River Bridge Graffiti

There is really only one way into town, and that is taking Highway 14 over the Sooke River Bridge, but just because driving over the bride keeps the graffiti out of sight, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Once you step off the sidewalk and onto the path that leads under the bridge, you catch your first glimpse of it.

a broken umbrella lies next to the Sooke River bridge

Umbrella Abandoned

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The Film Bug Bites

Recently, I have written about the Pocket Ensign film camera I picked up.  That camera has brought back the fun of analog photography to me and introduced me to medium format film, as it uses “120” film, which is still available in many camera stores.  While I have only just started to get familiar with the Pocket Ensign, I saw an old Brownie Hawkeye just like the one my parents had when I was growing up.  Naturally, I had to have it.  The good news is that it is in great shape… the bad news is it takes 620 film, which is no longer produced.

old film camera on the beach

The “New” Brownie Hawkeye

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Rainy Days in Tofino

One of my favourite places to go to get away from the hectic pace of life is Tofino, BC.  It is a picturesque town about half way up the West coast of Vancouver Island and is exposed to the full force of the Pacific Ocean.  This makes for some great storms and the perfect place to wash away your worries.  Even when the rain is coming down its hardest, you’ll find someone out for a walk on the beach.

a couple with a colourful umbrella walk in a downpour on the beach

Perfect Weather for a Walk on the Beach

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