Neighbourhood Walk

This weekend was pretty busy for me and I only got out for a short walk around the neighbourhood.  Still, I look my camera along and found a few things worth taking shots of.  I found the pattern of the siding on the new construction to form an interesting pattern.

A building being framed and sided with the wood forming a angled pattern

New Condos Under Construction

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A Photo Club Outing to Victoria

Every year in Victoria there is the Victoria Camera Swap Meet and this was the first time I made it out.  In fact, several members of the Camera Club I am part of headed out there to check it out.  It was an interesting mix of mostly older 35 mm, medium and large format film cameras, as well as movie cameras, accessories and some dSLR’s.  I could easily have spent enough to put me into debt, but in the end common sense won out and I only picked up one filter.

4x5 format film camera on a tripod

An Old Large Format camera at the Victoria Camera Swap Meet

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A Walk On A Cloudy Evening

I recently wanted to go for a walk near the water to take some sunset photos, but it was overcast and not the best day to do this.  As the location I had planned was a little farther away than I wanted to go that evening, I decided to stick close to home and am pleased that I did.  I was able to catch a little of the setting light on the small waves before I moved closer to the water for some bird photos.

the setting sunlight casts shadows and an orange glow over the waves

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Another Surprise Find on a Local Hike

This weekend I thought I’d check out some trails I just learned about on an app I recently downloaded (Backpacker – Map Maker).  I’ve only used the app a little, but so far it looks great and has shown me all sorts of new trails that I didn’t know existed.  For this hike, I went to nearby Broom Hill.  There are several trails shown on the map, some fairly well travelled and others that had obviously seen much less use.  As I went along one of the well worn trails, I saw what at first looked like an old, broken, home made ladder… then I saw several others further up the trail.  Some with round “rungs” and some with flat ones.  I realized that these were old, disused, raised bike paths.

an old, disused, wooden bicycle pathway

The Old Raised Bike Path

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Enjoying Photography on a Walk in the Woods

I decided on going on a short walk with my dogs at nearby Poirier Lake, where I was hoping to get some interesting photos of the lake. The dogs had other ideas and wanted to go on a much longer walk, which meant my time by the lake was limited.  There was enough time for a few quick photos of some butterflies that were in the lakeshore mud, though.

several blue butterflies sitting in the mud with one fluttering by

They seemed to enjoy the mud

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