Visiting Bucharest – An iPhone Adventure

My final post in this iPhone photography series is on my all too brief visit to Bucharest.  As I was returning to Canada on a very early flight (actually three connecting flights) from Bucharest, I travelled there the afternoon before and had a little time to see some sights.

a woman reading a book sits at the base of a giant statue of a man on a horse

In the Shadow of the Powerful

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Visiting Bran Castle, Transylvania – An iPhone Adventure

This is the third in my series of my Eastern European locations I visited and captured on my iPhone, and it is the one place I got to that wasn’t somehow work related.  Bran Castle is said to be the castle that Bram Stoker based Dracula’s castle upon, and as expected, it is located in Transylvania, Romania.  This part of the country was very different from the area I had just come from, around Constanta, on the coast of the Black Sea.  Travelling for about six hours the land changed from beaches and flat prairie to rolling, lush, green hills and mountains.  Perched high up on a hilltop was the imposing Bran Castle.

old castle in Transylvania

Dracula’s (Bran) Castle

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Visiting Constanta – An iPhone Experience

Constanta, Romania, is the second, and final, Eastern European city that I travelled to for work.  As I stayed there for almost two weeks, I managed to see a couple other places in Romania that I will describe in upcoming posts.  Constanta is an interesting city with contrasting beauty and decay.  One area on Piata Ovidiu is now a pedestrian only street, lined with cafes, pubs and souvenir shops, as well as the Museum of Natural History and Archeology and the Grand Mosque of Constanta.  When looking at Google Maps Street View of the area, the image, from 2011 shows it was filled with moving and parked cars and far less pedestrian friendly than it is today.

pedestrians, tables and shops line the street in Constanta Romania

Piata Ovidiu is a Great Street to Wander

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Visiting Varna – An iPhone Experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to a couple countries in Eastern Europe for work. In order to keep from interfering with work but be able to make as many images as possible, I decided to rely on my iPhone for photography.  There will be several other posts in what I am subtitling “An iPhone Experience”.  I was hoping to find another old film camera while travelling, to supplement my iPhone photography, but that didn’t pan out this time. The first place I went was Varna, Bulgaria, which is a port city on the Black Sea.

varna opera house

The Varna Opera House

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