Being Creative on a Sick Day

After a couple of rainy days when I was stuck inside with a cold, I was getting anxious to get out with my camera, but wasn’t feeling up to it.  Instead, I thought I’d stay inside where it was warm and dry and try to find something creative to do with my camera.

colourful oil and water pattern

Globs of Colour

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Creative Vision

Fresh off a photography course designed to help develop / discover one’s creative side, I went on a hike with my camera and from a distance, and I spotted an interesting looking feature on an Arbutus tree. After a closer examination, I decided upon the look I wanted and set about the process of making the image. I knew some people would find it interesting and others would not care for it.

Arbutus tree bump with unusual face shape

The Face of Concern

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Top Ten (Favourite) Images of 2015

Top Ten (Favourite) Images of 2015

After seeing some fantastic photos from other photographers this past year, my attention was brought to JMG Galleries “Blog Project: Your Best Photos From 2015” and I was inspired to go through my images from 2015 and put together my own top ten list.  The ten photos I chose for this are some of my favourites and cover a variety of styles.  I hope to take some even more creative and interesting photos over the course of 2016 and have an improved batch of top ten photos for next year.   Continue reading